The first edition of the Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism organized by the Spanish Association of Wine and Culinary Tourism , closed its doors last Friday with a positive balance .

The edition in Ronda and had the collaboration of the Route of Wines and Wineries of the Serrania de Ronda, was a success in terms of attendance and more importantly , useful.

On the first day workshops and forums for debate in which -based on ” how to create and improve the offer , and make them know better ” were raised – several conclusions were drawn . Eminently practical to work on social networks findings , communication, winery tour , product creation and marketing. The marketing was the star of the second day . A workshop where wineries , hotels , tour operators , guides and other industry could show your product to the main tour operators specialized in wine and food tourism . Everyone has the usual lunch and dinner when going on vacation; but make the food ( and wine , part of it) is the axis or the purpose of travel is a challenge.

The product must be experienced . And experience a pleasant memory in the mind of the traveler to return home . ” We did not invent the wheel , we need not go crazy proposing impossible. We offer ” simple ” , accessible and understandable to the tourists who visit us , ” nicely packaged ” and a high quality of service products. ” The quality and professionalism ” make the difference between an unforgettable experience for the good and another for evil.

The distinction is important and why we must be “creative” , exploiting the resources we have around the indigenous product . We have the product. Now what ? ” If there is good communication and positive word of mouth sector can develop in a successful manner .” We can have the best product, but if nobody knows … To achieve recognition by those who browse internet -more than 70 % of travelers conducted consultations in this environ- crave social networks important. But these networks without effective communication , worthless. Therefore, devoted long time to show what the indicated channels and how to work .
Cristina Alonso

Much work to do following the conclusions of a forum held in superb facilities and a work environment , friendly , family and fun. The Spanish Association of Wine and Culinary Tourism thanked all the speakers, attendees and partners participating in this space created to share experiences and increase the presence of the sector in the global offering. Ronda has left a good impression … will be chosen for the second edition ? Keep you informed !!!