participantes del foro
The first day of the First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism Ronda has run in a work environment , family and fun. A professional day in which both the attendees and the speakers themselves have learned many things that will help improve the supply of this sector in which ” there is a world of possibilities for development. “

The presentation of the Forum, which served to put in a position to attendees on how is the sector, was the prelude to a morning training conducted in various workshops . After the “sectoral ” tables where issues of various kinds were treated , a joint discussion on marketing , communication and social networking has become the focus of the Forum was held because ” if there is good communication and mouth pro mouth sector can not develop in a successful manner . “

In the tables in the afternoon , speakers shared their expertise on issues as important how can undertake in this sector is successful? How to create product ?. And what better way to put this example , ” cautionary tales ” which showed the reality from a viewpoint very close and understandable to all attendees.

More than 70 attendees representing wineries , hotels , restaurants , travel agencies , media and other companies of a dynamic and growing industry . As most salient statements and conclusions of this eminently practical day we highlight headlines like : “We have not invented the wheel , do not have to go crazy proposing impossible things ” We offer ” simple ” , accessible and understandable to the tourists who visit us , ” nicely packaged ” and a high quality of service products. “

The quality and professionalism ” make the difference between an unforgettable experience for the good and another for evil. ” Back to basics ” Simple products as we have said but where ” creativity must be based ” . ” Social Networks more effective communication ” is the key to attract more customers. Communication that may or may not be paid for, using the channels available to us .

Channels which spoke shelling their strengths and weaknesses , and giving hints on how to work them . The term ” food tourism ” did not like it because we can define the wine as a subsector within the culinary tourism that encompasses both the wine and the food.
momentos del foro

In short , we have tried a day highly appreciated by all participants for their practicality and immediate possibility of applying their findings in improving the wine tourism and gastronomy. On the second day a workshop in which major national tour operators specializing in culinary tourism will sit at tables for all those who want to present their offer for it to be included in future programming is celebrated. A day will end with a visit to the main tourist resources of the Road Wines and Wineries of the Serrania de Ronda without whom would not have been able to organize this forum so interesting.