On November 5 took place in Ronda, the presentation of the First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism to be held in the town on 20 and 21 November . Take this opportunity to chat with José María Losantos , President of the Wine Route , who pinpoints more details about the route, Ronda and the Forum .

Q: Dear José María , Route of wines and wineries of the Serrania de Ronda is the host of the First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism . What led you to assist in the organization of the Forum ?

A: We think our wine region being an emerging area, but with a tourist brand known as ” Round ” is attractive and interesting for people who work like the Wine

Q: To what extent benefits celebrating this forum development path ?

A: Obviously for information in the rest of the state, but also to create internal links between members of Rt.

Q: Can you describe the attractions of Ronda in a nutshell?

A : Ronda is a city that impresses for its beauty and unique personality , but for me it has a very special “Light” .

Q: A part of the stage , which is great , what other reasons can argue for people to attend the conference ?

A : First the conference space , a new space, rehabilitated and especially dedicated to wine , then -of course- the opportunity to learn a new area where work is to develop wine tourism .

Q: Let Route . Who integrates ? For what purposes ?

A: The Path compose not only wineries d Zone , now 16 , but tour operators , hotels , wine bars , restaurants , etc … Establishments and entities involved in wine tourism cycle , and cre- between all- experience the visit.

Q: What experiences offer?

A: As is logical, especially in the beginning Route know is organizing , with different options, the most usual route and / or tour and tasting at a winery. But they are already emerging alternatives such as hiking visiting wineries , tours on horseback , bicycle , and combined with other established activities .
Viñedos Ronda

Q : The existence of Route allow a better understanding of their wines and therefore higher sales. Are wines from Ronda one of the great unknown ?

A: They are known in the professional world as emerging area , and prestigious national and international projection, but undoubtedly due to low yields and our youth in the world of wine, in this new phase , there is still lack of product.

Q: What types of wines are produced ? What are your strengths?

A: mostly dry red , young and aging are developed with different characteristics , the area first and then by the different varieties that can work within our DO .

Q: We always say that a good marriage is to a land wines with the cuisine of the place. What we highlight the cuisine of Ronda ? What we can not lose?

A: Due to its location in the Serrania de Ronda can find traditional dishes, shepherd , dense and tasty dishes , but also the bullfighting tradition of Ronda has many joys , I would not miss a good ” Rabo de Toro “

Q: Finally , what message launched to all who we are reading ?

A: Simply to attend the Forum , meet Ronda and Wine Road is a great experience that can not be missed . It will be worth it !!!