Ronda has been chosen as the headquarters of the First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism organized by the Spanish Association of Wine and Culinary Tourism . But why?

Panorámica de Ronda

If we go to Wikipedia , we see that Ronda , is located in southern Spain . Specifically in the northwestern province of Malaga. It is the second non- coastal village in population after Antequera hovering around 37,000 inhabitants and is the capital of the ” Serrania de Ronda ” .

The name of Ronda comes from ” Arunda ” name you put the Romans. After the Romans came the Visigoths and behind them Muslims. It is located in a spectacular location that facilitated their defense, why dominated steps toward ” Lower Andalusia ” . ” The pit ” dug by the river Guadalevin gives an unrivaled , recognized by almost everyone . But that’s not who – gives all the monuments , the natural environment and its proximity to the Costa del Sol have turned round in an eminently tourist town . So , we can say that Ronda is an ancient city possesses one of the most beautiful Historic Areas of Spain , declared of Cultural Interest since 1966 Visiting Ronda must not forget to visit monuments and buildings as the New Bridge over ” El Tajo ” , the Church of Sta . Maria Maggiore , Palace of Mondragón , the walls and doors Islamic , Arab baths or its bullring which is a of the oldest and most monumental of Spain .

Serranía de Ronda

When we speak of the Serrania de Ronda, we speak of a natural environment where three National Parks , two Biosphere Reserves and a score more of protected natural areas.

Route of Wines and Wineries of the Serrania de Ronda Was recently established Road Wines and Wineries of the Serrania de Ronda counts today- -a 44 registered entities are divided as : 2 municipalities ( 1 tourist office) , 16 wineries , 2 interpretation centers ( one wine and other cork ) , 9 accommodations 1 wine therapy spa , 4 restaurants, 2 wine bars, one enoteca 1 ham House , 2 tour guides, one travel agency, 1 company of wine tourism services and one circuit ! !! And if there’s a wine route is because there is a wine manufacturing area . The wine area Ronda joins the DO Malaga wines Sierras de Malaga and Malaga raisins . Among mountain scenery and at an altitude between 700 and 800 m . above sea level grow vineyards which are ” supervised ” by the witness Cerro de las Mesas ( Ronda la Vieja) to 1,004 m . high.

Enoturismo en Ronda

And the floor? The diversity of landscape permits to meet different types allowing cultivate grapes. Let technicians : clusters encompassed by a detrital and calcareous matrix ; and bioclastic calcarenite and quartz sands ; silts and fine sands , conglomerates and sandstones ; loams and sandy loams ; and calcareous algae . And the weather? In the area we can speak of insolation ( 2700 hours of sunshine per year ) , and annual rainfall of 607 l / m2, although with differences between different sub-areas. Winters are cold and wet and warm summers with an average annual temperature of 16º . The diversity and itemize conditions allows the production of wines with a great display of aromas and great personality. But much better than what count , why do not you come to play? We wait !!!!