We interviewed Cristina Alonso , president of the Spanish Association of Wine and Culinary Tourism organized the First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism to be held in Ronda on 20 and 21 November .

Cristina Alonso

To Cristina Alonso , the forum is an opportunity to advance the development of the sector.

Q: There are numerous calls about wine and gastronomy . However, since the association that brings together tour operators in this sector , have proposed your own forum. What differs from other proposals?

A: This is a professional and highly practical forum ; a genuine forum for discussion and exchange of useful ideas for the development of the various initiatives in this sector.

Q: Wine and Culinary Tourism , will they go together ?

A: Yes, of course. Wine is part of our cuisine ; in Spain and by tradition is “come (to eat ) with wine.” However the interest in wine culture, its manufacturing process , the different landscapes , etc. have made wine tourism has its own personality . And of course, if you visit a wine region , how we will not enjoy your food ?

Q : The tourists who visit us , does it come with wine and / or gastronomy sole claim or is one more argument for choosing a destination ?

A: In general -and what some studies- this is another argument , although from the agencies that form the Association detected that more and more people who do that comes with the main objective to enjoy or discover our wine there and gastronomy.

Q: The First Forum of Tourism and Culinary Tourism held in Ronda, who has ” released” Wine Route recently . Coincidence? Another reason to attend?

A: It is no coincidence . Besides an excellent friendship with people that forms the Board , Ronda has opted for the Forum. Celebrate the Forum there supposed -on the one hand- promote his new route between wine professionals and for us is a different way of convening the sector. We believe it is a ” wintowin ” situation , as the Americans say , or where both parties win . They get to visit them , promotion, worshop , etc , and we know a place where we are trying to blast and where success is guaranteed. And unquestionably , Ronda is a show from the point of view of tourism , wine and food .

Q: In the forum program work and training sessions are proposed, what will they learn those attending ?

A: There are sessions for all professionals to wineries , restaurants and hotels, and to agencies and brokers. They will learn the extent that we are all willing to share our experience. Association members and guests to these sessions are what . Autumn in the vineyard The wine to study : business opportunities , legends , product development …

Otoño en el viñedo

Q: On the same day , in the afternoon , ” round tables ” which will address various topics of wine tourism and gastronomy be made. What topics and from that point of view be treated ?

A: The goal of the roundtables is simply to ensure that participation is a space where there is dialogue, exchange of ideas, questions , etc. And we want it to be from a real, not limited extent on whether the sector is a business opportunity or reality , exposure from different viewpoints ( winemaker , agency, client) , on creating product , anecdotes and approach towards a younger audience .

Q: In presenting the forum talking about the “usefulness” of it to his assistants. Is why the speakers and moderators are people of “field “?

A: Of course, here all the speakers and moderators are professionals, which as I say are willing to share their experience and knowledge .

Q: And the ” third leg ” of this conference is a workshop where tour operators to attend , what will you find ?

A: You will find mainly deal with enogastronómica Round and around which will know first hand to develop their future offers .

Q: What to do to register?

A : Subscribe anywhere , easy addition enroll when you can decide if you want to attend all activities or only to one of the days . //foro.enoturismoygastronomia.com/

Q: Finally , what message launched to all who we are reading ?

A: Let them come, see, enjoy and participate . We are sure that at the end , before leaving, many of them reserved seat for the next edition.

Enoturismo y gastronomía