Concha Manjón

Concha Manjón , . Editor for more than 17 years at Grupo Entropía Ediciones , experts in content, advertising and communication. With five headers magazines in the Hispanic market : Destino Sur de Europa, Destino Rural, Cultural Rutas , Turismo Humano and La Turisteca. And those to the French market : French magazine Ecoturisme ; the British market and the German market Ecotourism Ökoturismus . Publishers of interactive digital magazines, a system for innovative digital journalism and internationalization star product with trends and market promotion strategies . Digital heritage magazine that supports the diversity in destinations and products with the best results with the themes and trends that promotes sustainable tourism products that generate power and economy of the local format , along with a permanent promotional emphasis on the major networks social . Evolving develop projects that show tools to generate changes in the tourism industry and the concept of creating products transformers change in the age of digital communication.