Gabriella Ranelli

TENEDOR TOURS ( ) Gabriella Ranelli is an expert on Spanish food that contributes to the Spanish media and international . Considered the leading foreign observer of Basque culinary scene, appears frequently in the New York Times , the Wall Street Journal, Gourmet Magazine , and other publications. She has filmed feeding programs and books for the BBC , PBS and Aljezeera as well as Spanish and Basque television . Gabriella has a Master in Viticulture and Enology and as founder of Tenedor Tours has spent the last 20 years working closely with the chefs to convey the wonderful food and spanish wine in the English-speaking world . In 2010 Gabriella was named one of the 10 best restaurant guides in the world by The Wall Street Journal. She is a culinary educator for the Culinary Institute of America , and is in charge of the kitchen of Gabriella , a center of the cooking school and wine tasting in San Sebastian. Gabriella is open to all things Basque resort.