Jaime Baeza

GOURMET MADRID ( www.gourmetmadrid.com ) Journalist born in Madrid within an enthusiastic City family and ideology that intellect in people, blooms cocktail hour in the bar counters . Photographing and writing about cultural heritage for the Architecture of the Community of Madrid founded a distributor of wines putting to good use the knowledge acquired during years of sneaking into wine fairs with the excuse of being a journalist . He selected carefully a wine regions and grapes catalog that ended unusual drinking himself due to their sheer inability to sell them as Cain and conservative market . It was then in a turnabout decided to apply the maxim ” If the mountain will not come to Mohammed … Mohammed go to the mountain” and devoted his efforts to bring people to the wine in one way or another . To do this he sought to find an ideal partner , instead , Cristina Alonso who founded Gourmet Madrid. In their midst ( of Gourmet Madrid, of course ) can recreate in his three great passions : Madrid, Wine and writing about himself in the third person . It’s sommelier, member of the Spanish Tasters Union and works in radio programs about food .