Francisco Retamero Blázquez and Angel Salesi Flavio Chaves (Bodega Descalzos Viejos , Ronda ) Retamero Blázquez and Flavio Francisco Chaves Salesi , both partners in the firm of architecture and urbanism Retamero – Salesi , Partners for over 20 years , own the winery Descalzos Viejos in Ronda ( Malaga ) . This winery began its journey in 2000 , is located in the oratory of a Trinitarian convent of the XVI century and for more than 9 years is directed by the agronomist and enologist Vicente Inat . This unique experience, architects and winemakers at the same time, has led to a specialization in regard to subjects related to wine architecture and its problems of development and process , which has meant that participated in conferences on numerous individual before auditoriums and his architectural firm has received commissions and awards on the world of wine. The incursion of both in the enoturistic field has been prompted by the growing demand in recent years of visits to the winery , they largely directed and personally attend . The rehabilitation of the building of the Descalzos Viejos and adaptation to hold, deserved a special mention in Málaga Architecture Awards 2007 and the prize and public greeting in the call to the Mediterranean Prize M- Capital of Culture 2008. The winery is located in a privileged environment , surrounded by spectacular scenery , retains the vegetable garden of the old monks and is within walking distance of the town of Ronda.